The Regeneration Diet Questionnaire

To make sure that you are able to go through this incredible process, we need to check for any allergies and learn more about your current health.

Please note that if you are in great health and haven’t experienced Covid, Long Covid or any Chronic Health issues, great! Our Retreat is not solely focused on those conditions, it can just be amazing for them which is why we ask about them below.

Our Regeneration Retreat process offers so many rejuvenating benefits to your overall well being. Even if you are in perfect health, you can still come away feeling even brighter, as well as truly rested.

i.e. carnivore, vegan, pescatarian
If your answer is "Yes" and you feel you may be struggling with Long Covid symptoms or know it to be the case, please also fill in the questions specific to this at the bottom of the form.

If suffering with long Covid: