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Time to hit the reset button

Shine has been offering Holistic Health Care in London since 2003. We bring decades of experience to these residential retreats.

Are you struggling with symptoms of Long Covid or another Chronic health condition? Have you not quite felt like your self these past few years?  Do you really need time to rest and reenergise?

Our team of dedicated health professionals will be working to improve your health alongside the power of the Regeneration Diet, created by Michelle McKenzie (BSc, ANutr). This 5 day wholefood diet gives you all the health benefits of fasting whilst being fed 3 precise nutrient rich and balanced meals a day.

Read the article that was published in The Times by John Simpson about our Regeneration Retreat  

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A Typical day on retreat.
Breakfast at 10am
 Walking /  Swimming / Free time
Lunch at 2pm
Holistic Treatments
Dinner at 6pm
Qi Gong session
Talk / Read / Watch something together

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This protocol can be used for general health and well being, preventative medicine, as well as supporting those dealing with long covid, inflammation, chronic health issues and much much more.

Imagine basking in the beautiful sunshine, or taking shade under the many tress in our garden, having a healthy breakfast, receiving an energetic or bodywork treatment and choosing whether you'd like to take a stroll, read a book, have a swim or take a nap.

We will cater to your every need as you partake in this powerfully healing week.

“What a week! Thank you for bringing us into such a special place with such care and love. Everything, the food, discussions, and treatments have been exceptional. Taking a week to focus on rest and restoration is not easy, so to have it be so transformative and fun is so appreciated.” Verity

Need help sooner? Contact Michelle to get on the protocol at home with her support.
Also you can come and see Rehana and Becky at Shine N16.

We do all the work and planning, so you don't have to. Your biggest decision will be where to eat lunch or what to carry to the pool. We will even help you with this if needed. 

To help you gain the most from this week, we will have two amazing bodyworkers onsite treating you. Rehana Kapadia and Becky Clarke have over 30 years of experience between them, offering Cranial Osteopathy and multiple forms of Massage respectively. Their skills and knowledge will work holistically to help you create a state that encourages healing.

Our 3 practitioners will build a programme around your needs, so that you can sit back, relax, read, wander our woods or take a dip in the pool. So whether it is lethargy, pain, brain fog, inflammation, weight gain or other “unusual for you”, symptoms, we are here for you.

“The house and how it was prepared for us, the food, the treatments, the peace & silence and the amazing chats, plus all the extra activities were all perfectly chosen and paced. We were cared for with love, intuition, and perceptive emotional intelligence, as well as immense expertise and skill. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure we all had what we needed. I definitely feel rejuvenated/regenerated.” Fran

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Everything included on your retreat.

Pre and Post Nutrition consultation and support.
An onsite consultation with Michelle on retreat.
5 day Regeneration Diet Protocol.
All food at home including days that you are not fasting and a packed lunch to fly home with.
Qi Gong
Initial Cranial Osteopathy treatment
Initial Massage treatment
Follow-up treatments 

A Sound Healing Bath
A beautiful Tuscan home to live in with everything that you could need.
The estates swimming pool 200m from the house.
Countryside walks
Fresh water swimming in Lake Trasimeno
Transport to and from the Hot Springs to celebrate breaking your fast.
Chances to explore the surrounding towns architecture and artwork.
Transfers to and from Perugia airport on the designated days.

See our Price List, Travel information and Choice of Rooms below.


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The Regeneration Retreat Price List.

We have a few options to tailor to all of your needs. Whether you need your own space, want to come along with a few friends or share with a partner, we have you covered. This retreat is ideal for 5 - 8 guests only. Everything included on retreat is reflected in your choice of investment below.

Deluxe Ground Floor Room, Private Bathroom, Single Occupancy = £3400.
Deluxe Ground Floor Room, Private Bathroom, Double Occupancy = £2400 (pp) based on two people sharing a King bed or Twin beds.
Deluxe Ground Floor Room, Private Bathroom, Triple Occupancy =£1700 (pp) based on three people sharing with a single bed each.
1st Floor Room with a Shared Bathroom, Single Occupancy = £2800
Double occupancy would only be suitable upstairs for a couple.
We can discuss this option as it will be according to need, making sure that we do not go over the ideal amount of clients on retreat at any one time. Request a call about this retreat.

Guests travelling alone may be able to choose the shared room option and if possible we will match upon guest profiles. Twin Rooms are spacious with separate beds and an en suite bathroom. This is not available for the triple room option.

Not included in the price: Meals out when the protocol is finished, Admission to the Hot Springs and Transfers if not on our suggested flights.



Cant afford to get away? Contact Michelle to get on the protocol at home with her support.
Also you can come and see Rehana and Becky at Shine N16.

Travel Details

We are set in the beautiful countryside on the border of Tuscany and Umbria.
Our nearest train station is Chiusi-Chianciano Terme.
Our nearest local airport is Sant'Egidio Airport (PEG - Perugia)
Our nearest major airports are Fiumicino Airport (FCO - Rome), Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA - Pisa)

Each retreat will have suggested flights.
An airport transfer both ways is included in the price.
Other times, flights and arrangements can be discussed and costed as required.
We will always be happy to pick you up from Chiusi train station.
Train transfer from all airports is quite easy, and we can help you with tickets and directions.

"The 5 day diet regenerates and rejuvenates the whole body. It reduces inflammation, increases energy levels and targets damaged cells. I love feeling the effects of this diet and I now happily repeat it a few times a year to reap all the wonderful health benefits that it provides." Michelle McKenzie (BSc, ANutr) 

Fasting is the greatest remedy, it is the physician within us all.

The five day regenerative diet awakens a highly coordinated response that is already built into the body by taking advantage of billions of years of evolution to activate a self-healing programme.  When your body isn’t constantly engaged in processing foods, it has a chance to revitalise itself so you can discover the natural energy that is already inside you. The five day fast will have a deeply restorative effect on your health.




Meet your Retreat Leader, Michelle:

Michelle option 4You will be guided on the retreat by Michelle McKenzie (BSc, ANutr) a registered Associate Nutritionist and author. Michelle studied Human Nutrition at the London Metropolitan University and graduated with a first class honours degree. She was also awarded the Dietetics, Food and Nutrition prize by the university in recognition of her academic achievements. In 2016 an abstract of her research on low carbohydrate diets and diabetes was published by Cambridge Journals and she was invited to present her findings at the Royal Society of Medicine as part of the Nutrition Society’s Annual Winter Conference. 

Michelle loves working with a wide variety of clients to support them on their personal health journeys some of which have included an Oscar winning actor and a BAFTA winning musician. 

‘I love my job, I get to spend time with people and witness their health and vitality transform. It’s a beautiful thing’. 



"Back in spring I decided to cleanse my body, I’d been feeling bloated, lacking in energy with poor sleep and menopausal symptoms and I was lacking focus, with a fussy head.  I contacted Michelle and embarked on her 5-day regeneration diet. Michelle’s expert knowledge of how to prepare prior to the fast and what to expect during was invaluable.  She prepared all my food which was fresh (some grown herself), organic, and she was super supportive throughout, all questions answered, I really felt handheld. The food was so fresh and tasty that you really didn’t feel like you were fasting (perhaps a bit hungry on day 4!).  After the fast, I felt more alert & focussed, my energy levels increased, and my bloating disappeared.

I whole heartedly recommend taking the journey with Michelle if you’re wanting to improve your overall function, physically & psychologically through fasting and I’ll be back soon to repeat."


During this retreat, you will be be given Bodywork and Energetic treatments, designed to aid the healing process, and help to restore or build your immune system. This is a full body reboot, we will check in daily with you and adjust our plans to meet your body's needs.

You can pick and choose activities to join in with or equally step back from.
Rest is a key element to healing and actively encouraged.



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