Shine Retreats are Holistic Health and Creative Retreats in Umbria, Italy, on the Tuscan Border.

We have built beautiful retreats designed to enhance your health, wellbeing and creativity. Come and join us at our 9 Bedroom Countryside Estate, for rest, relaxation, inspiration and deeply rejuevenating treatments. Choose from options below, or write to us to custom make what you, your family & friends would love. You can book the whole house for them and we can cater to your every need. Email to find out more.

July 12th - 18th 2024
Master the craft and skills needed to book your next role. Hone your audition skills with an accessible and specific step-by-step approach developed by Susan G. Reid, nationally recognized coach and industry professional,

 As featured in The Times, The Independent + Evening Standard
September 9th - 16th 2024
A low calorie vegan protocol that replenishes your whole system.  Delicious food, Cranial Osteopathy, Massage and Nutritional consultations.

September 29th - October 5th 2024
Daily writing workshops and Pilates, plus a Massage with Georgie.

October 7th - 13th 2024
Retreat Leaders bring their personal experience of breast cancer to a week of acknowledgement, writing and joy. 

Create your own retreat with us
Imagine you and your favourite people sharing our house, enjoying the pool, being cooked for, having massage treatment and even yoga classes if you want.

June 2024 is sold out. View 2025
Massoga combines these amazing experiences together. The ultimate combination of movement, relaxation and the best gelato around.


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Breakfast treasures when you find truffle in your garden 🪴 #retreatsinitaly #tuscany #retreat ...

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July 12th - 18th 2024
Only Two 1st floor rooms left!

Everything included on Retreat:

Daily Acting workshops with Susan
Daily Yoga sessions with Natalie
A 90min Massage with Sophie
A Beautiful bedroom and communal spaces
All food and soft drinks at the House
Countryside walks and trips to local Italian spots
Gaining all the tools that Actors need for Camera work and Auditions
Connection with like minded Creatives

Link in bio for full information


@reidforit @susangreid

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Get on camera and audition ready with @reidforit @susangreid this July. Only 2 rooms left.

Immerse yourself in great material. Enjoy workshops, 1-2-1s, a safe and beautiful environment and experienced peers.

Start your day with yoga each morning to prime your body and imagination.

July 12th - 18th.

For more information see link in bio


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Today, we bid farewell to the @wildfire_bc_magazine crew, while the house will feel empty, we will feel both abundance and loss.

Your openness, knowledge & laughter will echo through our thoughts. I, @octigan will take myself back to our collective writing practices with joy and miss sharing and therefore experiencing the many differing perspectives.

@i_heart_my_life 🙏 for bringing together such a beautiful team of women together, for being such a wonderful conduit for connection and healing.

@angelafirman11 wow, your honesty and humour have been so inspiring. Please write that book, though I will want to listen to the audiobook so that the delivery is yours. ❤️

@emilypiercell , such gentle wisdom and understanding, it was an honour to share all things 🇮🇹 with you. connecting the emotional and physical aspects of breast cancer is a world close to my ❤️ you do it beautifully

@aga_lesiewicz 🙏 for your desire to bring this all together, I feel this is just the beginning of connecting the dots of a future unknown.

6 women, 6 different experiences, a clear understanding that no two stories are the same, that every perspective is valid and needs space and holding.

#writingthroughbreastcancer #writingretreat #breastcancer #shineretreats #summer2024 #tastesandtreatsretreat #tuscanyretreat #umbriaretreat #creativewriting

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Our retreats are always a blend of nurturing time, creative time and then exploring time.

Yesterday, after our creative writing workshop, we hit the road to immerse our guests in some hidden local gems.

We tasted cheese, bought wine and drank with the locals.

What would you do with a week of me time?

#writingthroughbreastcancer #writingretreat #breastcancer #shineretreats #summer2024 #tastesandtreatsretreat #tuscanyretreat #umbriaretreat #creativewriting

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Day 2 Energy, we’re ramping up with the amazing @wildfire_bc_magazine crew @emilypiercell @angelafirman11 @i_heart_my_life Such an honour to be hosting women whose lives are about empowering and supporting women. ...

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