Cranial Osteopathy @ The Regeneration Retreat 2024

As a cranial osteopath and naturopath, Rehana has been part of the original Shine Holistic health team in London since 2004 and the last two years, has collaborated, to create the Regeneration Retreats.

From experiencing her own long covid journey in 2020 and needing to draw deep into her clinical osteopathic knowledge and naturopathic resources, to fully recover, Rehana gained invaluable insights into Long Covid and other chronic or systemic illness, that she has since been able to bring to the retreats.

The holistic approach to these retreats is very much the key: a combination of rest, precise diet and the ability to receive bodywork, as and when needed, on a daily basis, is what makes these 8 days truly transformational

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Rehana explains her treatment modality and how it works within our holistic health focused retreat.

By combining Michelle’s Regeneration Diet, Becky's Massage Treatments and Cranial Osteopathy with myself on retreat for a week, a unique opportunity presents itself to have time and space to be fully immersed in the ethos of our original training of whole health.

Osteopathy and Naturopathy are rooted in the philosophy of medicine and nature and regard the body as intelligent and dynamic, with the inherent capacity to self-regulate and repair.

With a background working in book-publishing and theatre production, I retrained as a postgrad in cranial osteopathy. The four-year undergrad at the British College of Osteopathy and Naturopathy combined a thorough medical approach of all the body’s systems, with additional emphasis on nutrition, exercise physiology and psychotherapy. This training was unique in its fundamental underlying naturopathic principles to healthcare, especially at that time, over twenty years ago, when fasting, cold water hydrotherapy, and breathwork were still seen, very much, as ‘fringe’ or ‘alternative’, in the UK.

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‘Cranial’ osteopathy is on the subtle spectrum of osteopathy. We place skilled, perceptive hands on the body and head, for quiet listening and sensitive, refined palpation. Knowledge of anatomy is used to build an internal ‘picture’ of the patient, in such a way, as to detect where barriers to recovery may lie. Using our hands and awareness, we provide a ‘fulcrum’ or space for the body to respond in an innate functional way. It is within stillness that potency resides and when the treatment happens.

The Osteopathic Treatment Principles I bring to the Retreat: taking a comprehensive case history, assessing the tissues, diagnosing and offering treatments to address the breath, blood and lymph flow, align with Michelle’s Regeneration Diet, aimed at reducing inflammation and congestion and so allowing optimal function, where physical and emotional ease in the body, or ‘expression of health’ is able to return.

Being onsite in a traditional farmhouse, surrounded by the hills of Umbria, with Shine’s nutritionist Michelle and therapeutic massage therapist, Becky, will provide the setting for us to share our commitment to combine nutrition, fasting and bodywork treatments in achieving optimal health for you.

I very much look forward to working, restoring and resting together at Siliano Alto with you and the Shine Team.

Rehana Kapadia BA (Hons), MA, BSc (Hons) Ost Med, MSc Paediatric Ost, DO, ND, MSCC


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