Georgie’s Pilates ABC: Alignment, Breathing and Core.

Alignment : when the skeleton is aligned and centred (eg shoulders are stacked on top of the ribs, hips, knees and ankles), energy (blood / lymph / oxygen) flows more evenly around the body.

Breathing : when we breathe the Pilates wide and full breath, we allow the rib cage to open to the front, back and sides, with the diaphragm drawing a deeper breath inwards, and then exchanging the older breath & so on. Every cell receives fresh O2 and expels the older air, encouraging optimum function. This clears the mind and prepares for new opportunities.

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Core : when we ‘engage the core’ and achieve the correct posture using the muscles supporting our lower back to protect the pelvic area, we naturally align our skeletal and muscular system. By doing so we expend less energy to move and maintain correct posture. For instance, if our head is drawn forward, away from our centre of gravity, many muscles try to hold the head in position and stop the body drawing too far forward, otherwise we could fall over. Over time we see shoulders rounding and upper backs hunched forward as the body tries to stop us over balancing. After a period of time the body learns this as a natural pattern and it becomes a subconscious thought, and so a habit is formed. But if we help our body to balance, our mind can release the thought of trying to hold onto this action and begin the process of freeing itself. 

By following the ABC, we become more ‘grounded’ and physically aligned with our body, so the mind can soar, allowing inspiration to enter.

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